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MyPHPRealEstate is a powerfull real eastate software. Easy real estate property listing with images and videos by sellers, quick and easy search by buyers, instant property buyer - seller commuication; and many other easy to use features make MyPHPRealEstate Software stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Real Estate software for property listing and buyer seller communication

Real Estate Software With the global real estate market growing everyday , every  property buyer,seller  and real estate agent is looking to gain maximum out of the situation. Being one of the three basic human needs, the real estate is bound to be perpetually in action.

Whether it is about buying and selling a home/ apartment  or a  piece of industrial land , the outlook of the real estate buyers and sellers will always be the same. The Realtor, the real estate developer, the real estate agents and  the home owner selling the property – all look for a place through which they can reach out to more potential buyers and probably the internet provides them with the maximum global coverage at a low cost. That is where a web based  property management and listing software comes in handy.

 Similarly the industrial and individual property buyers look for a place where they have a lot of  property options to choose from. They look for authentic real estate listings , easy  property search and easy buyer to seller communication at a low cost and the lowest cost option available to them that provides them with their requirements is a website with a easy to use property listing software.

With the advent of  MyPHPRealEstate – even you can provide the property buyers,sellers and agents with a platform to showcase their property,search for properties and communicate with one another to make the right property deal . As a webmaster ,you can now gain immensely from the global real estate market growth  by just providing the communication platform to the prospective property buyers and sellers! Your customers will instantly like this online real estate listing and communication software that is very easy to use – with easy property listing post with images and video, quick and advanced  property search, quick and easy internal communication system .But that’s not all !  MyPHPRealEstate is incredibly easy to set up and administer too ! It also comes at an incredibly low price that suits every pocket. So, start using MyPHPRealEstate and turn the real estate boom in your favor.

Gain more out of our PHP Real estate software – MyPHPRealEstate

Real Estate Software Pay Once...Use Forever!

We sell MyPHPRealEstate on a ONE TIME per-website Licensing basis - NOT per-customer or yearly basis. So, you need not be worried about constant increasing payment for your online dating software - just pay one-time and all the money you make from your website is yours.

Once you buy a license for your property listing website, you will get FREE lifetime upgrade for that site. And our support team is always there to help you upgrading & maintaining your website.

Real Estate Software Custom Feature Sevice

We understand that as a webmaster you may think of provide certain custom features to the users of your real estate software to gain an upper hand over your competitors on the web.Just let us know your customizatin requirements.Our development team will create the custom feature for you at a reasonable price.

Helping your property listing site to reach out to more people
Real Estate Software We understand that your property listing website needs to be marketed properly to gain the maximum benefits out of it. You need to advertise your site through email campaign and promote your site for search engines. Keeping these needs in mind, we are providing online advertising (email campaign) and website promotion service (link building, content writing, on-page optimization etc.) at a highly affordable rate.